On My Musings

I had to explain my blog to someone the other day and it got me thinking what the real purpose of this thing was.

I have always loved writing, whether it was in my journals or crafting a report for school. Now, writing is a major part of my career. I can remember a time when I wanted to be Harriet the spy, making it my job to write everything I see. Alas, the popularity of writing everything down on pen and paper has dwindled, and it's easier to let your brain leak on the interwebs.

I decided to start blogging so that I would have a place for my brain to let go.

So internet, here I am. Me and my musings.


  1. Replies
    1. wtf this is sadie how dare u not recognize me

  2. Haha unknown Sadie.

    Although I haven't been writing much lately, I love that I still have a place to vent if needed. Blogging for you is exactly what you need sometimes