Work Holiday Party

I'm not sure if I say it enough, but I really do like my job. I do bitch about it, a lot. But that's life. You're can't love your job every day all the time. All in all, I love what I do.

Last night, we had our annual company Christmas Party! For the party, we do a White Elephant Auction, where everyone brings in one good gift and one gag gift, just to keep things interesting.

Some of the gag gifts were:
  • A copy of the movie The Tooth Fairy, accompanied by a small bag full of SEVERAL of my boss' kid's teeth (THE GIFT I PICKED EW)
  • A bottle of Holy Water
  • A bottle of Pinnacle Vodka and a bottle of Vladimir Vodka, each filled with water
  • A smelly elbow guard 
  • Christmas-themed dish towels
  • A birth control test from a dollar store, in a very oddly small, shaped box
  • A half-eaten bag of cat treats paired with an unopened pouch of cat food
  • A bottle of fox urine
The good gifts:
  • A case of Lionshead
  • A create-your-own six pack filled with wintery beers 
  • Two bottles of wine
  • Wine glasses paired with a bottle opener
  • An LED light? 
  • A CanJam speaker
  • Cards Against Humanity (x2)
  • A bottle of Southern Comfort Gingerbread Spice paired with Apple Cider mix
  • A Jose Cuervo gift set
  • A Jagermiester gift set
As with any work party, there were some AWKWARD moments (some more awkward than others, like when my coworker announced to the group he's been "trying to get on [my] good side for about 5 months now...") but overall it was a good time.

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