No BS.

I've noticed a lot of hypo-criticism (is that right?) and nastiness in my life lately and it's driving me nuts.

BUT I've also discovered a new TLC show that makes me really happy - My Big, Fat, Fabulous Life. It's another reality television show (duh), but it actually promotes a very positive message.

Whitney Way Thore is obese. For years, she let her obesity get the best of her and hold her back from doing the things she loved, but not anymore. The show focuses on her overcoming her issues with her weight (caused by Polycistic ovarian syndrome) and advocating people all over the world to be better human beings.

Naturally, because of my obsessive personality, I have been researching Whitney and her No BS Campaign (No Body Shame). Whitney is a huge advocate for women of all shapes and sizes to rise above the negativity and shame society forces us to associate with body image.

People are bullied everyday and made to feel ashamed about their image or the way their voice sounds or the mannerisms they have when they do something. It's terribly annoying and it can really break down a person. The worst part is that I find myself doing it to myself some of the time. It has to stop.

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