A Random Act of Kindness

On my way to work this morning, I got stuck behind one of the neighborhood trash trucks. Usually I make it out the door early enough to avoid being stuck in the traffic that builds up behind these trucks (people in this particular neighborhood are consistently throwing out tons of trash, which causes the trash men to take a while loading the truck).

This morning, I was two cars behind the trash truck and we kept stopping at awkward places that made it difficult to maneuver around the truck. After two stops, we finally hit a long stretch of road and I made some progress on my commute to work.

We were approaching an opening in the road that would allow the two cars in front of me, myself, and the cars behind me, to go around the trash truck and carry on with their lives. As I got ready to pull around, I noticed that the SUV directly behind the trash can had pulled to the right instead of out to the left to go around.

Scouts Honor, my jaw dropped for a second as I realized what the driver was doing - he put his SUV in park, got out, and began helping the trash men with a massive couch that these homeowners had put out.

This SUV man was the only person to pull over and help - all of the other cars, including myself, pulled around and kept on going. While I didn't get out myself to help, I feel like I can pay the world back in another way.

It's nice to know that there are still good-mannered, well-wishing, decent people in the world. It's about 20 degrees outside, and this person was kind enough to stop what he was doing and take a minute out of his day to help someone else do their job. This SUV man wasn't getting paid or celebrated to do this act, he just did it.

I guess in a way I'm celebrating him, because it made me really happy and set a positive tone for my morning. I hope the other people driving this morning recognized what they did and are inspired to do something positive with their lives today.

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