On Friendship and Scary Life Decisions

Today I sent a SnapChat to my closest lady and guy friends to inform them of a big, scary step I'm about to take in my life.

They all responded promptly and kindly to send me their well wishes.

These people (4 come to mind) have been my dearest and closest friends since elementary school. And while we have "grown apart" in the last couple of years, I'm constantly reminded that we haven't grown apart at all.

I talk to these people as often as I can, whether it's through chat, text, or SnapChat. We get together when we can, to grab dinner or stop in Target to pick up windshield wiper fluid. I love seeing them, because they are my closest friends and they give me the best advice and they make me laugh. Sure, they make me so incredibly angry sometimes I think it might be easier to NOT talk to them sometimes, but then I take a step back and think "Now that would be stupid, Lauren."

Sometimes when I reach out to my friends, they have a ton of crap going on that they have to unload to me about. And yeah, we all have our problems. But it's nice to know someone out there actually wants to hear about your problems, help you with them, and vice versa.

I often think about how I wish I could see my gal pals and my best guy friend more often, but we're adults now. Not seeing your friends everyday really puts a damper on the relationship, but it most definitely doesn't mess with the bond you have. How can it? After spending the most time with these people (second only to your family) you're pretty much guaranteed to have some sort of everlasting connection.

Ladies and gentleman, you know who you are, and I love you. Thank you for always being there.

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