Gym Guilt

I keep a gym bag packed in my car as extra motivation. I'll read up on new workouts to help inspire me to work on new muscles. I have a killer playlist for workouts prepped. I do everything I can to push myself to get to the gym.

But some days, I just don't go. And I'm tired of feeling so guilty about it.

Sometimes, I'm too tired.

Sometimes, I'm sick, or I've injured a muscle.

Other times, I just have a lot going on and skipping the gym makes it easier to accomplish things I wouldn't have otherwise. And while my mind is convincing me that I'm a slacker, my body's telling me a different story.

Rachel over at Healthy Chicks has said time and time again how important it is to let go of self doubt. After all, a 25-minute workout hating your life isn't going to lead to the same results as a 25-minute workout you're in to and passionate about.

Forgiving yourself is one of the hardest things to do, but it's necessary if you're going to maintain your sanity. I love working out, but I'm going to stop beating myself up when I skip over a workout. I eat a balanced diet, practice yoga once a week, and give my all when I do work out.

The skip-the-gym-guilt stops right here, right now.

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