People On The Internet Are Mean

Clearly, I'm just getting my start in the blog-o-sphere. I write because it makes me happy. If other people read this blog and feel some kind of something, that's cool too. In the end, though, I'm doing this for me.

To get inspired, I'll poke around other peoples blogs and see what they're doing. My rant begins here.

I had been reading around to learn more about best practices for product reviews. In my research, I discovered a sparkly blogger from the UK. She had a detailed post about the best companies to reach out to, what to say to them, and how to blog about their products.

So, I took her advice, reached out to some companies, and scored myself some free stuff. After I had posted about the products, I wrote an e-mail to the aforementioned blogger to let her know that I had mentioned her in my post.

A few days later, I followed up with the e-mail, as I hadn't heard back from her, and I simply wanted to connect with like-minded bloggers out there.

She quickly replied to my second e-mail:

Honestly, I'm surprised that you followed up to your initial e-mail. I feel as though you are using me for a link, and feel harassed that you keep e-mailing me. Best of luck in the future.

Okay. First of all, that was a little dramatic. Secondly, don't you appreciate the fact that people are reading your blog? And lastly, I removed your link from my post, so no links for you, my dear!

A similar event happened a few months back when I commented on an Elite Daily article. Certain people were tearing the article apart, and eventually people started commenting back at me! My comment was simple - "Love this post, I can relate on so many levels!" Users began harassing me for my views, saying that I was "what's wrong with society." Some went so far as to insult the integrity of Elite Daily, stating that "Millenials are spoiled, and this website is only encouraging selfishness."

From all of this, I've learned that no matter what kind of opinion you're going to voice on the internet, whether it's a positive comment or not, you're going to get some backlash from it. As Tay-Tay says, haters gonna hate. 

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