How A Tan Goddess Maintains Her Tan

I have a busy fall coming up. My cousin is getting married in October, and I'm in the bridal party! This is the first wedding I've ever been asked to be in (as an adult, because I don't count being in my uncle's wedding as the flower girl).

The bride-to-be is a dear family friend that has been around since I was a baby, and I've always considered her as an older sister. She's been there for me through the toughest times in my life, and I love her for it, and I can't wait to watch her get married.

My cousin has a very laid back personality, which means this is probably going to be the easiest wedding I'll ever be in. When I say laid back, I mean she didn't care about anything regarding her bridesmaids, which is a lot more than I can say about some brides, who want to control their bridesmaids down to the placement of the hairs on their head. Being the woman that she is, my cousin allowed us to choose how we wanted to look on her big day, including dress style, dress color, hair, makeup, shoes, and jewelry. Literally didn't care about a thing, she just wanted us to coordinate (obviously).

With September starting tomorrow (Ew!), I'm starting to freak out about this upcoming wedding. I've been pushing myself a little harder at the gym, cutting back on snacking, and trying to get as much sun as I can on the weekends while my pool is still open, but I'm worried about maintaining my color into October.

For this reason, I perused the interwebs and decided to invest in some tinted skincare. I shopped around and decided to try True Blue Spa's Glow and Steady, a gradual tanning lotion, and also picked up a tinted sunscreen from OZ Naturals. I've been using the tinted moisturizer from OZ every day after I shower. I love that it's a sunscreen and a moisturizer; it goes on smooth and soaks right into the skin, unlike regular sunscreens that kind of take their time becoming part of the top layer of your skin. I also really like the OZ brand because it's made with natural ingredients, but it has a pleasant odor, unlike some natural products I've tried before.

I can't say I've noticed an increase in my tan, but I can say that it hasn't faded in the days I've used the lotion. Once I finish this bottle (which won't be long now because I've been using it everyday), I'll maintain that color with the True Blue Spa lotion. Hopefully when the wedding rolls around, I'll still be a super-tan goddess.

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