There Are These Lyrics In These Songs...

That make my heart beat so fast and make me wish I started a career writing song lyrics. Whether they speak to me about me or to me about someone that I love, I freak out when I hear these words:

And now I'm standing at your doorstep,
With Los Angeles behind me.
If you don't answer I'll just use
The key that I copied,
Cause I really need to see you."
--(One of Those) Crazy Girls, Paramore

"Just remember when a dream appears,

you belong to me."
--You Belong To Me, So Many People Have Covered This

"Oh therapy, can you please fill the void?
Am I retarded or am I just overjoyed?
Nobody's perfect and I stand 'accused'
For lack of a better word and that's my best excuse."
--Jesus of Suburbia, Green Day

"Every time we drive by wavin', I see right through
Tudutudutudu, fuck you too."
--American You, Yelawolf

"Boycott love,
Detox just to retox,
And I'd promise you anything
For another shot at life."
--Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes, Fall Out Boy

"I know someday I'll find it
Where I, I least expect it."
--Felling Okay, Best Coast

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