Things I Do In Bars

Ask for a drink menu. Because surprisingly no, I don't want to drink the shitty beer you have on draught for 75 cents. A quality beverage will get you a lot further than bloating up on any kind of beer will. 

Tip. I always tips their bartender, unless of course the bartender is an asshole. 

Socialize. I always engage in conversation at the bar, whether it's with the group I came with or my guy. I try to avoid spending too much time on my phone sending Snapchats or checking Instagram because it's rude. 

Casually (or obnoxiously) dance. Every now and then, I'm an asshole and become the center of attention on the dance floor. I cannot dance, but I try to have fun. 

Go to the bathroom alone. As an adult, you should be able to handle the whole going to the bathroom thing. There's already enough gossiping/crying/puking going on in the ladies room, I try to avoid contributing to that clusterfuck. 

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