The Engagement

Well, yesterday was a whirlwind of events. The graduation happened, but I also got engaged.

When it happened, it felt like I had tunnel vision, like the world had actually stopped spinning for a minute. Watching the video play back, the whole thing happened in seconds, but that wasn't how it felt, which I guess is what's supposed to happen.

I had been eyeing Brendan's pockets while he was giving his speech, but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Plus, he had spent months convincing me that we had to live together first. For a brief second, I thought "this could be it," but then, like a lot of things I do, I talked myself out of it.

Sure enough, he walked towards me and got down on one knee. (Mostly) everyone I love was there, so that was nice. He did a good job of keeping it a surprise.

I'm happy. There's a lot to plan now, and I don't think Brendan has any idea what a wedding costs, but we'll see. I'm going to enjoy being engaged and looking at the shiny diamond on my hand for the next few months.

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