The Graduation

Today was such an exciting day. After 10+ years of waiting to get in and 6 months of hard work and vicious training, Beebo graduated from the Philadelphia Fire Academy.

We were in Myrtle Beach (July 2015) when he received the good news. It was exciting and scary and new. The day week after we got back from the shore, he started training.

After burning his hands on the sidewalk doing push-ups, losing close to 10 pounds, stressing consistently, and studying instead of watching football, the time came for him to take his oath (which began with "I solemnly swear..." to my delight).

It's crazy that he's finally done and about to start on a path he's been working towards for a long time. I feel like I'll be praying a lot more (not something I typically do, because I'm not overly religious), but it can't hurt. Engine 27 is lucky to have this guy - keep him safe.

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