Style Guide: Girls S3E3

I love Girls (HBO). I think on a weekly basis, I share with someone that "My inner Lena Dunham is screaming."
I also love clothing.
While I didn't study fashion, I would say it's always been a hobby of mine. Gone are the days when I would wake up and demand to wear leggings and a t-shirt to school. I enjoy dressing my "unconventional body type."

In college, I spent an internship at my school's historic costume collection (which was misleading because there weren't actually any costumes there). The place was full of designer clothing from different eras, and while my sole job was to catalog everything these rich and powerful women were donating to the collection, it was still sort of interesting.

Enough about me. More about Girls. While I love and hate each character on the show for my own reasons, and have mixed feelings about the show ending this season, there's been some pretty interesting clothing choices throughout.

With the help of Danielle (fellow female and sister in sarcasm), I present the many stylings from S3E3 of Girls.

On her honeymoon, Marnie was in this episode for all of 5 seconds and pronounced "Ecuador" all kinds of wrong, but she had a cute dress on. This look conveys vacation vibes and is ideal for tropical travel. Pack it to wear to a beach wedding or as a cover-up to go from beach to restaurant. Pair with flip flops and a dainty necklace for a casually elegant look.

6pm (a site I had never heard of prior to hunting this dress down) has a pretty exact match to Marnie's look. 

For Love and Lemons Palms Maxi Dress : $102.99 

HSN sells the Margaritaville collection, which features this Tropical Print Empire Waist Maxi Dress : $69.90 

Nordstrom Rack has another option, for those on a budget. It's not an exact match, but it's a floral maxi. 
dee elle Tropical Floral Dress : $32.97

Off-the-shoulder tops are back in full force. This pairing of the white top and jeans is a match made in heaven. While Jessa is wearing it with a pendant necklace, you could bring back the 90's vibes with a choker. Wear this shopping, to brunch or getting drunk at a day long. Pair it with dark jeans or a skirt and heels to take it from day to night.

H&M has a pretty exact match. They have a ton of off-the-shoulder looks for spring. This top is on sale currently, making this look super achievable.
Off-the-Shoulder Top : $14.99  Urban Outfitters also has a lot of off-the-shoulder looks in their spring line. This top has scalloped edges, giving the top more of a girly vibe. 

Kimchi Blue Ottoman Pointelle Off-The-Shoulder Sweater : $54.00 
Shosh: Layering is another trend that's making a comeback. Shosh took a traditional button down top and paired it with a floral crop-top with a triangular silhouette. Definitely not something I would have put together myself, but she makes it work. Finding an exact match for this look was literally impossible, but I found some options that could parody.

Nordstrom for the win. This J.O.A crop-top has a floral pattern that's cuter than the one seen on Shosh and has a similar silhouette.

Floral High Neck Crop Top : $54.00 For our friends on budgets, ASOS has a crop top with a loose-flowing silhouette, which might fit more comfortably over a button down.

Cropped Daisy Print Cami Top : $15.50

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