Updating Your Wardrobe (As A 20-Something)

My body is getting older by the minute. And as it does, I sit and wonder what I'm supposed to be wearing. On a daily basis, my mind wonders: "Am I too old for this?"

It hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday when my mom gave me clothing. She bought an outfit from Boston Proper, but the sizing wasn't right and the clothes didn't fit her. She asked if I wanted them, and being who I am, I couldn't refuse. I took the bag home and what I found inside totally shocked me.

My mom, who is nearly 50, bought herself a flouncy midi skirt and a sequined crop top. I had two immediate thoughts.

What's a woman of 50 doing wearing a crop top?

Good for her - she's comfortable enough to wear what she likes.

Hen I started  thinking about all of the things people have said to me that have hindered my fashion choices. So, in an attempt to shut those "rules" down, my writing self decided to dig deeper and comb through all of the BS I've heard through the years. 

Rule #1 Leggings aren't pants. They can be if you want them to! When paired with a chunky sweater or layered with a long-sleeve tee and a poncho or a t-shirt and printed scarf, leggings can be extremely fashionable for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. The person who told me this probably tried wearing leggings in the past, didn't execute the look properly, and got made fun of. And I feel sorry for her. 

Rule #2 You can't wear white after Labor Day. White is the color of snow, so why shouldn't you be able to wear it during the winter? Of course, you can't leave out "winter white," which is more of an ivory anyway. Regardless, white looks good any time of year, whether it's a pair of white cropped jeans while you're out boating or you're watching the ball drop on New Years Eve. 

Rule #3 Girls 25+ should not wear crop tops. I wholeheartedly disagree! When done tastefully, a crop top can look fly AF. Showing off a little bit of midriff never killed anyone, whether you have a slender or curvy body type.

Rule #4 Booties are for the fall/winter. I've seen skater dresses, t-shirt dresses and midi-skirts paired with booties across Pinterest, and they look ADORABLE. Case closed.

In an attempt to continue updating my clothing as my body ferociously continues to age and decay (drama), I splurged on some pieces from Francesca and signed myself up for Stitch Fix, which is a subscription service that will basically send me a new look once a month. I'm excited to see what they come up with. Speaking of, I need to start pinning so my "stylist" doesn't make me look like a complete fool.  

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