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Internet famous - it's something every millennial strives to be, right? 

I never thought I'd make it, until I decided to start tweeting at apt times and contributing once or twice to an app called li.st.

The li.st app allows you to create, well, lists. Lists are extremely popular, particularly now because of peoples lack of attention. We can no longer sit down and read an article in the newspaper. Instead, we access everything through an app, and damn you if it takes me longer than a minute to read it over.

Condensed versions of information are where it's at. I have the news sent to my inbox every morning from a service called TheSkimm, because they basically bullet point everything, picking out the most important information I need to know about things like the election and whatever's happening in Nigeria. I can form smart, educated opinions without having to watch the news, which is always depressing.

Anyway, my most successful list compiled some of the Best Scenes From Forgetting Sarah Marshall - the most underrated comedy of my generation. As stated in the description of the list, I was limited to the moments that were turned into GIFs.

I'm particularly proud because:

  • The list was trending on the app for a solid weekend
  • It was relisted 7 times and liked 35 times.

And in more recent times, I tweeted about The Walking Dead last night because I was equally horrified and mesmerized by what they put on television anymore. Said tweet was embraced by TWD fans everywhere and I added to my portfolio of internet fame.

It happened again!

I don't even care about American Idol, but I caught 15 seconds of it and decided something had to be said about one of the contestants. 

Apparently the public agreed - including Luke Bryan. 

Naturally, people are also in support of my drinking habits. 

Go me. 

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