Harry Potter Survey: Favorites & Least Favorites

After a heated discussion about which Harry Potter movie was the best, a friend and I decided to ask our peers and fellow Potterheads their thoughts. To expand upon the idea, fifteen people told us their favorit and least favorite movie AND book. The results may surprise some of you, but as you know, people find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right.

Much like two Hogwarts students being chosen to compete in the Triwizard Tournament, two movies tied for least favorite. The Chamber of Secrets and The Goblet of Fire just did not do it for the people. From Dumbledore screaming "did you put your name in the goblet of fire" to the haircuts Harry and Ron were sporting in that film, the Potterheads were not pleased.

"If someone puts Goblet as their favorite Harry Potter anything, I know we aren't compatible," said Sarah Frost. Well Sarah, there are three people who chose Goblet as their favorite movie (though it did not win) and one who chose it as their favorite book. I won't name names, but keep an eye out.
Sadie Friday added, "Glad we're all in agreement that Goblet gobbles balls." Well we're not ALL in agreement but it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.

There was also a tie for favorite movie. To my dismay, The Sorcerer's Stone is among the top movies in the franchise along with The Prisoner of Azkaban. Though she wasn't a part of the survey, Nancy Forte stated how you have to love The Sorcerer's Stone because it's what brought the books to life. People who disagree need to sort out their priorities. Mental, those ones, I'm telling you.

The Half-Blood Prince also got some love but did not come out on top. "The stupid scene at the burrow with Harry chasing Bellatrix and Greyback through the yard and that fire which never happens in the book..." said Tina Forte. "I understand taking things out because there's not enough time but making up scenes is just not okay."

Everyone's least favorite book is yet another tie: The Goblet of Fire and The Order of the Phoenix. Ten out of fifteen respondents choose these two books as the ones they disliked the most. Many people said it was tough to choose their least favorite book and choosing a least favorite movie was far easier.

Finally and most importantly, the clear winner with six total votes for favorite book of the Harry Potter series was The Prisoner of Azkaban. Readers must have remembered that happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.
The runners-up for favorite book were (in order) Half-Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows, Sorcerer's Stone and Goblet of Fire.

Supplemental Facts:
-15 people participated in this survey
-12 participants were female; 3 were male
-Participants ranged in age from 25-28
-All participants had to have read all seven books and watched all seven movies for their responses to count.

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