Life is full of rituals. They bring us peace, balance, and a sense that we've accomplished something. Rituals are life's daily benchmarks. They are ours and ours alone. We might share a similar ritual, like reading a book before bed, but no two human beings tackle their rituals in quite the same way.

These are some of mine.

  • Saturday Morning Sit-down. No matter what my weekend plans look like, I always cut out time to make myself a homemade breakfast and watch The Kitchen. Often, whatever they're concocting on the show will inspire a weeknight meal for the following week. 
  • Late Night Laughs. I hate watching anything too serious before bed - a difficult feat, considering I've become obsessed with Leah Remini's show that details her escape from the Scientology religion; See: JFC. It's become somewhat of a habit for me to put Family Guy on and squeeze a few laughs in before bed. It's the only time in my day that doesn't require my full and undivided attention, and I find that really relaxing. 
  • Baths With Bubbles. When I was in high school, my mom replaced all of the tubs in our house with stand-in showers. I didn't care at the time, because it was always exciting when my mom made changes to the house. It wasn't until I bought a house of my own did I uncover how much I missed taking baths! Now, I keep a stock of Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy bubbles under my sink. Add hot water, my bath pillow, a good book and I'm set. 
  • Wake-up Workouts. If I don't head to the gym by 6 a.m., I'm sweating with Jillian Michaels in my basement. I try to work out as many days of the week as I can; I find that I'm in a better mental state after I leave the gym, and it's one additional task I can check off of my mental to-do list. It's a ritual through and through, from the order in which I drink my pre-workout beverage, take my supplements, and then get dressed, to the way I put everything in my gym locker. 
I consider each of these workouts lil' blessings, because they make me happy and keep me sane (I think). What are some of your rituals? 

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