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So much for that resolution of writing more. If there's anything I've learned about setting goals for myself, it's that writing things down is a great way to make yourself feel bad about not completing something.

Enough crying; let's catch up. I'm writing a book! Well, I'm starting to write a book. I jot down little quips for my memoir (working title and all), and I keep telling myself to start whatever fiction it is I'm going to write, I just haven't decided the type of narrative I'm going for.

Dunitz & Company, a brand that offers high-quality, fashion forward jewelry that's handcrafted by Guatemalan women.
I came across Dunitz through a fashion blogger that I follow on Instagram. Side note - I get the best ideas for what to wear tomorrow or where to buy the cutest accessories from the explore page of Instagram. If you've never tried it, fall down the rabbit hole of inspiration. Make sure you have time to get lost, though. Like, don't do it before work. Wait until you're in the office to spark your imagination.

Nancy (Nanc, as I refer to her in my head), was more than happy to send me a gorgeous pair of fused glass earrings. Thankfully they were studs, because I was in college once and made the poor decision to stretch my earlobes via gauging. Fortunately I didn't take gauging to extremes and my first-hole piercings have returned to a semi-normal state. With that said, I have to be careful with the earrings I choose to wear; larger studs work best, covering the stretched state of my earlobes. The Joanie M earring Nanc sent to me (all the way from La La Land) are ideal for my wonky lobes, or any woman looking for something unique.

I especially enjoy these beauties because their colors are reminiscent of a tropical beach, from the grainy sand to the bright blue sky. This particular style earring is available in warmer hues for those of you who are fans of pink. I was super happy with Nancy's personal selection for me - thanks again, Nanc!

fair trade earrings

Oh, and it's worth mentioning that shopping small doesn't have to be expensive. If you're of the mindset that thinks small businesses charge more because they have to, Dunitz isn't one of those shops. All of their jewelry is reasonably priced so that the artist always receives what they're owed. If you think about it, you're getting a one-of-a-kind piece of art for under $20, and it's not being filtered through the banks of a major retailer.

For more information on fair trade jewelry or to buy your own fused glass or beaded jewelry, check out Dunitz!

In today's economy, my inner Lena Dunham finds it inspiring to hear that fair-trade companies like Dunitz are continuing to bring steady work to the women of developing countries. Dunitz boasts that their artisans are treated with respect and provided with clean, safe environments to craft in.

Additionally, it's nice to know that many of their artisans are working mothers presented with the liberty to earn a living from their homes. For this and many other reasons, it always feels good to shop small.

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