Lauren Lists: Things I Learned On This, The First Of Summer Fridays

My office participates in Summer Fridays, which means on designated Fridays throughout the summer, I get to work-from-home for a half day. Today was not one of my designated days, so I was in the office, working/typing this post.

I learned a lot about the people I spend 40+ hours a week with, as well as this list of semi-interesting factoids:
  1. I work with a motley crew. One of my coworkers has over 200 Pop! figurines. Another is a secret foodie with a pretty impressive Instagram
  2. Kokum Bush is a dessert. That I think I've actually consumed. It's also a dish often requested on Master Chef, and something that Brian (the co-worker with the Pops!) cannot make. 
  3. I'm capable of doing 175 squats in 1 sitting. My work roommates and I participated in a 30 day squat and planking challenge. Today was the last day. I did 7 varieties of squats until I reached 175 and now I want to nap. 
  4. Slack is a giant time suck. This is particularly true on Fridays. It's supposed to help companies keep their shit together/communicate effectively with one another, but my office has a #Random channel and it's where I spend a lot of my time.
  5. Planning a wedding is expensive. Like, I knew it would be expensive but when you think about the term expensive in your head it doesn't feel expensive until you put an actual number value on it and hot damn it is expensive.  
A short and sweet list of things I spent the day discovering. Happy Friday, y'all. 

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