Lauren Lists: Things I Tell Myself I'm Going To Do

Usually, making a list is a great way for me to focus on the things I need to do. Checking tasks off one-by-one is a really rewarding process for me. I always have a mental list of things I would like to get done. Some are feasible, I'm just too lazy. Other things seem really far-fetched and my self-doubt gets in the way of my actually trying to accomplish anything.

And so, this weeks Lauren List brings you a list of things that I tell myself I want to do or should do or need to do that I haven't actually done yet.
  1. Schedule appointments with florists. I need to find out how much flowers for my wedding are going to cost, and make arrangement for a florist to deliver said flowers on the day of my wedding. It's coming up on the 1 year countdown, so I need to get moving.
  2. Write a play based on Blink-182's album California. My sister presented me with this idea over the weekend, comparing it to the idea that "...if Green Day could do it with American Idiot, we could do it with this." I think she's right, but she's on the path to becoming a teacher and I'm on a path to god-knows-where. Maybe in our free time. 
  3. Redo my bedroom. I want new carpeting installed and the walls painted. I plan on making this my birthday present to myself. I'm hoping it's not too expensive, considering I'll be doing the painting and we really only need the carpet installation professionally handled. 
  4. Work on my fiction. I have a working title for a memoir and a few ideas in a notebook about some YA fiction, but I haven't actually put pen to paper for either of them yet. 
  5. Figure out what I want in terms of reception decor. Because I don't want my wedding to be typical or boring or bare. 
  6. Finish the pile of books I haven't read. This includes the white pages I've downloaded for professional development, but left open in my browser because I didn't feel like learning at the moment of download, a few Chuck Palahniuk books, and Lean In by I Forget Who. 
  7. Reach out to local schools about volunteering. I signed up to be part of this anti-bullying campaign, but I haven't completed the training or reached out to any local schools about incorporating the program into their after-school curriculum. Shame on me, I know. 
Like I mentioned in my post on "resolutions," hopefully this list holds me accountable. 

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