B.B.E (Bring Back Ed)

I spent 9:00-9:05 wishing that Ed Sheeran's funny lil' face would show up in the Game of Thrones recap last night. Why? Because I wanted the internet to have another conniption about his "inauthentic" likeness being used in the series.

Personally, I enjoyed Ed Sheeran in last week's GOT premiere. It didn't bother me, not even in the slightest. In fact, I cackled aloud when I saw his face after thinking "this actor has like, a really good voice" as the camera panned through the forest and focused on the group of Lannister soldiers. Ed's minor scene, in which he maybe uttered two one-worded lines of dialogue, sent the internet into a freaking tizzy.

Ed Sheeran was poorly received on all accounts last Sunday, taken as some anachronism or something. One viewer complaining "It took me a minute to take #gameofthrones seriously again after having to watch Ed Sheeran sing around a fire pit with some soldiers." Another claimed "Seeing Ed Sheeran in #gameofthones was the biggest wtf moment of my existence."

WAS IT REALLY, THOUGH? What about when, at any other point in the series, a major character was killed off or there was a major twist in the plot? Ed Sheeran did you in, did he?

Now I'm no stranger to complaining outwardly on Twitter. Believe you me, most of the time I take to Twitter, it's to complain about a random something that really set me off. It's a great vehicle to get people's attention through @ mentions and hashtags - I find it very effective when you want to get the attention of a retailer - particularly when you're live tweeting something. You know how Twitter works. Moving on.

As I'm sure the average person knows, it wasn't meant to be Ed Sheeran singing around the fire, it was meant to be a Lannister bannerman. Ed's a fairly famous guy who also happens to be on tour right now and at the top of pretty much every music chart, making him highly recognizable, but aren't all of the stars on GOT recognizable at this point?

Aside from finding enjoyment in other's complaints ("his hair made him stick out like a sore thumb!" - SANSAISAGINGER), I enjoyed the internet's witty backlash to those who had filed complaints via social media. Buzzfeed's breakdown of Ed Sheeran's appearance was perhaps my favorite, if only for the use of this meme:

I can only imagine what the internet would have done had Ed popped up again in the recap from last week. What a treat that would have been on a gloomy Sunday evening. Maybe next week he'll show his out-of-place ginger face again.

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