Lauren Lists: Things I Wish Were Easier

  1. Coming up with ideas that I want to write about. Like, I feel like I don't have enough to say about anything in particular. I legit didn't even write an intro to this post. 
  2. Making more money. Asking for a raise is hard. Finding a career path that's going to pay you Kim Kardashian money without being Kim Kardashian is harder. 
  3. Waking up in the morning. It's not actually that bad, but some days it's like WHY DO I TORTURE MYSELF (JK, I know why - it's because working out in the morning is easier). 
  4. Finding time to zone out. My mind goes a mile a minute, even when I'm sleeping. I've started to notice pain in my jaw from grinding my teeth (something I don't even notice I'm doing). I wish I could turn my brain off more frequently, which I know can be achieved through meditation, but again, it's about finding the time. 
  5. Spending time with (long-lost) friends. It goes back to finding the time, but it's doubly as hard because I have to compete with other people's schedules. 
  6. Being a more attentive listener. Sometimes when I'm on the phone with someone, watching a show, or even reading a book, my mind wanders or I'll pick up my phone and plug into Facebook. It's the most useless and unproductive thing that I do, and it's like an addiction I can't control. I notice that whenever there's a lull in something, I go for my phone. It drives me insane and I'm trying to get better at it because A) I know it's not good for my brain or my eyeballs and 2) I don't want to raise my kids to be media-obsessed trolls. 
  7. Tuning out drama. I am surrounded by drama on a daily basis, but I think that I bring most of it on myself. Not that I'm causing the drama, but I'm feeding into it. If only it were easier to remove myself from it (a.k.a. not pay attention). It's just so damn easy to grab the popcorn, sit back and watch it unfold. 
I feel good about this list. I don't feel good about having not written ANYTHING since May. Ew!

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