New Harry Potter Ride Theories

This week, the Wizarding World dropped some not-so-news about their plans for the new Harry Potter ride (which will replace, in my opinion, one of the least exciting coasters in the park). This came as a shock to no one, considering all of the work Disney is doing to capitalize on the Stars Wars franchise. I'm fine with it because I love both worlds, but I definitely have more of an affinity towards the wizarding world.

Please tell me why wizarding isn't a word yet. Like the red error line keeps popping up as I'm writing this and it's unbelievably frustrating the world hasn't accepted this as an actual term yet. I digress.

Aside from being generally stoked for my unplanned 2019 trip to Orlando, I spent much of today theorizing what adventure the new ride would take us on. The coaster update claims it with "redefine the category" and will be " of the most highly-themed coaster experiences" which I sort of feel like the park has already achieved via Escape From Gringotts, but what do I know. Whatever it is, I'm ready for it.

After reading a hilariously well-written EW article about the ride, my mind started to consider all of the forms this boggart of a ride could take on. I loved the theories writer Marc Snetiker mentioned, and I also came up with a few of my own (one of which was in an email draft from December 2016 of my idea for a new ride for the parks).

Some are pretty legit, others are scatterbrained thoughts that popped into my brain.

Escape the Shrieking Shack. Mentioned in the EW article, a Shrieking Shack themed ride seems like an obvious choice. It makes sense in terms of the rides location within Hogsmeade, and there's plenty of room to play around with cool visual effects, considering the structure literally sways back and forth in the books.

A Twist in Time. Another EW article theory in which the ride takes you back and forth through time using a time turner to lose bum-legged Ron, save Buckbeak and free Sirius (because even though they're dead in the series, they live on forever in the parks).

Flight Through the Forbidden Forest. A third and final EW article theory that mentions traveling through the Forbidden Forest and witnessing Tri-Wizard Tournament prep, a centaur-imprisoned Umbridge, and maybe even a hooded Voldy sucking on a unicorn a la Sorcerer's Stone. With the Forbidden Forest, the possibilities are really endless.

Inside The Mind Of A Boggart. This literally came to me as I typed the pun about a boggart above. But what if the ride was a simulation of a day in the life of a boggart? We could pop into Lupin's classroom and then...that would pretty much be it. Probably not the ride.

Tour of Azkaban. Okay so this was my own theory for a completely new ride that the park could add to expand on the Wizarding World, but I suppose it could work for the Dragons revamp. We're taken on an educational tour of Azkaban, lead by Sirius Black. The tour is meant to explain the history of the prison, famous prisoners who have spent time there, the security measure they take, etc. In typical Universal fashion, something goes awry and we're suddenly in a wind-tunnel of dementors trying to suck our souls out. The dementors mistake Sirius as a threat and whisk him away, making it our job to rescue Sirius and return him to Buckbeak. Universal tends to recycle tech (Spiderman, Transformers, Minions kind of all use that 4D experience), and while I feel like this would be super similar to the Gringotts ride, it could work.

And those are my theories. I'm stoked to see what they actually come up with - it better be as groundbreaking as they're promising.

What are your theories for the ride revamp?

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