On Branding Myself

I myself am the most important creative project on my plate. Time and again I have promised myself that I would work on my passions (mostly my writing), and time and again I've avoided it. But these works are the ones that have been consistently calling my attention towards them this year, and so it's about time I paid them some mind.

Blogging has always been a thing for me. In the beginning, it felt like I didn't have anything truly worth of sharing. It was only when I found purpose that my writing started to take meaning.

Many of the accounts I follow on Instagram deal with fashion, makeup, workouts, or mesmerizing calligraphy videos. After combing the internet for my Tuesday outfit inspiration, I started to think about how all of these people have become their own sort of brand, attracting numerous followers who look forward to their next post.

Exhibit A. One woman I follow is essentially insta-famous, backed by a ton of fitness brands and an inspiration to anyone who wants to do a pistol squat.

Exhibit B. Another girl I follow (who I actually went to grade school with) recently started a designated account for all of her fitness/dietary posts, posting workout tips and tricks and Paleo friendly meal plans (which is super convenient because I'm trying this whole low-carb thing out).

After what I'll refer to as "intensely researching" these and other notable accounts, I thought wait a minute - these posts have purpose. And by "purpose," I don't mean peddling products as part of a pyramid scheme in an effort to make money and eventually quit my job. I'm not selling Advocare or Arbonne or Avon or It Works! (does REALLY work though?) We all know how I feel about Multi-Level Marketing companies.

Instead, I'm partnering with brands to promote things that I'm passionate about. Of course, I'll still be posting photos of random beach trip, Sephora hauls, you know - life. You'll find anything and everything I love on my Instagram // Twitter, from clothing to fashion and fitness.

In all of this, I feel as though I've finally found a purpose for my writing - or at least, for the time being, some inspiration. . And that feels nice.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen posts by fashion mavens and fitness gurus saying "I was the only thing preventing myself from succeeding," but I feel like I'm working my way towards posting something very similar in the near future.

Give a girl a follow @laurennnray.

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