On The Little Things | How To Enjoy Life

Dancing in the Dark has always been one of my favorite songs. Something about the uptempo synthesizer riffs, the beat, and the overall lyrical structure make me want to dance.

Last night, as I was packing away summer crop tops and beachy sweats, I had music playing. Amidst trying on some new finds my mom had given to me and some old treasures I had forgotten about, I felt an uncontrollable urge to dance.

So I did.

Not well, I might add. I have very little rhythm/dancing ability, but I did it anyway. And you know what? It felt really good.

Maybe it was the clothes I was trying on (some of which I haven't been able to get over my thighs for some months), or maybe it was the crisp breeze blowing into my room that reminded me fall is right around the corner, or maybe it was simply because my favorite Bruce song was on. Most likely, it was a careful combination of all of these elements, but it got me thinking.

I should utilize more of my time to creating happy little moments like these, however fleeting. Sometimes I find my head so far up my own ass, whether it's stressing out about something that I later realize is a minute problem or I'm being consumed by a Netflix series, I forget to enjoy actually reveling in the little things.

Here's to trying to do that more, no matter how big or small, stupid or irrelevant it may seem.