On Wasting My Time | Let Go, Let God

I know it's well into September, but the slogan of my summer has been Why Do I Care 2K17. More recently, I've noticed that I spend a lot of my energy worrying about trivial things. As a self-proclaimed basic witch, this isn't an appropriate use of my spirit.

Instead of obsessively caring about what other people are going to think of me because of what I wear or what I write or what I post or what I say, I'll find confidence by only wearing and writing and speaking what are my truths.

And instead of playing out unrealistic scenarios in my head that will probably never actually happen, I will focus on the present and address things as they surface - take a "roll with the punches" approach to life.

Most importantly, instead of concerning myself with what other people are doing to the point of frustration, I'll take that as a cue to focus up on a thought or action that's going to fulfill something for me personally.

Here's to making this a forever kind of thing.