Bedroom Renovations | Updating Master Bedroom Wall Color

I've had a paint color ripped out of a Pottery Barn magazine for over a year now. The page featured their new line of Sherwin Williams paint colors, and I fell in love with their Halcyon Green. It would fit perfectly with the rich, dark brown that is our furniture and hide the heinous mustard yellow the previous owners loved and ironically, it denotes happiness and peacefulness.

With other more important things that needed to be tackled first (like planning a wedding), I kept the torn magazine page in a safe place - my vision board - until the time was right. 

I don't know what sparked my desire to start looking into local painters, but after doing some research, I found a company that was based around the corner from us. I think I've mentioned this before, but I'm all about shopping local, and if I can have Joe from up the street do any kind of work instead of giving my money to some major corporation, I'll gladly do that.

Up until this point, I had done all of the painting in the house, including the living and dining rooms and what I call my office. Sure, it feels good to take on a job and accomplish something yourself, but with the holidays just around the corner and a sort of new-found dedication to my professional life, I didn't really want to gear up to paint after work every day for a week (or more).

In addition to what I'll call "seasonal laziness," it would have been impossible for me to repair, sand, and paint the hallway myself. The ceilings are high and there was weird damage to them - something I wasn't sure I was capable of fixing. And so, after what I felt like was an extremely reasonable estimate, we set a date to have the master bedroom and upstairs hallway painted.


They did a great job, even patching up areas of the walls or ceiling that I hadn't noticed were funky before. The job included the painting of the trim and doors, too, so everything looks brand new. We have to use flat paint in our house because the walls are a little worse for ware, with nail pops and minor bumps and bruises all around. Flat paint (and I know this from writing home renovation post after home renovation post) does a great job at hiding imperfections on surfaces because it lacks that sheen, which showcases those.


For the hallway, I chose a cool gray (Burnished Clay) - a slight variation than the Behr Smokestack that's on the walls in the living and dining room. Again, anything was better than that awful yellow-brown that was in both rooms - differentiate your space, people!

It's tough to see, but there is a huge difference. The hallway lighting makes this gray look warmer than it actually is, but I assure you, it's has cool undertones, you know, 'cause I'm a cool bitch. 

Up next? Hopefully my kitchen, because it's pretty horrible in terms of storage and actual space to work on. Until then, I'll continue to enjoy the fumes coming off of the freshly coated walls in my hallway and bedroom.