Getting Phased Out Of Betches | Writing For The Betches

I used to write for The Betches. It was a great side gig for me - I could pitch articles that were interesting and fun for me to write, then turn them around really quickly and see them published on a reputable site that I personally have a lot of respect for.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Betches, it's a pop culture website run by rosé drinking, vacation-loving, Bachelor In Paradise watching women who make being a snarky bitch feel cool. Naturally, I was attracted to the opportunity to become a contributing writer. My voice matched theirs and I felt like we shared a similar outlook on the world of pop culture.

I was super pumped to be added to the list of contributors. Writing under the pen name Betch No. 5 (like Chanel No. 5, only way cooler), I would pitch articles to my editor on a weekly basis and write about the topics that were approved. Much of the time, my work was censored. For example, if I felt one way about something the Kardashian's did, it was altered to align with what "more" of their readers would be inclined to think. That was fine, I was good with it. I was happy to be bringing in extra money, but more importantly be contributing to a community of people I identified with.

During one of those weeks where it feels like the whole world is trying to get you down, I was scheduled for a call with my editor and former editor/COO of the company. I knew in my heart of hearts it wasn't going to be a good talk, but I tried to stay positive ("maybe they like you so much they want you to do something else!")

That wasn't the case. But you know what? I wasn't (and I'm still not) bitter.

Maybe it's because I had another one of those "weeks" last week where it felt like everyone was out to get me, or maybe it's simply because I'm maturing, but when I was dropped as a contributing writer for The Betches, I didn't totally lose hope.

Instead, I took the situation for what it was. They were downsizing on writers, looking to cut funding on what they outsourced and only wanted to keep the writers who were consistently contributing long-form pieces that just worked. I didn't feel attacked or like I was being told I wasn't good enough. It genuinely felt like it was strictly a business decision and I just had to accept it.

Since then (this was 2 Septembers ago), I have continued writing, both for myself and external sources. I've started Keeping Up With The Kardashians, something I think would have definitely have given me an edge when writing for The Betches. I've also learned more about myself generally speaking and where I want to take this whole writing thing.

As this year ends and another one starts - it's a pretty freakin' big one:  I'm getting MARRIED! - I'm keeping myself open to new writing opportunities. I have a few things in the works as far as creative writing goes, so stay tuned. Instead of making a resolution for 2018, I want to try Mila Kunis' method out of honing in on a phrase.

For 2018, I have two. Growth & Openness.