Do Social Media Contests Work? | Marketing On Instagram

Working in digital marketing, it's easy for me to find connections to a variety of industry thought-leaders. In addition to my rad detective skills, I'm also pretty good at creating content that people and search engines like (they don't call me the Queen of Content for nothin').

As such, I keep my eyes peeled for opportunities to promote the clients that I work with, the business that I work for, and myself. Recently, I came across a reporter who was looking for quotes from people who have participated in social media contests.

Being the millennial that I am, I've obviously participated in many contests on social media platforms and felt inclined to share my minimal but relevant experience.

Long story short, I entered to win a Vegas Bachelorette Trip to see The Backstreet Boys. I didn't win, but I did enjoy how convenient it was to participate. In my honest opinion, I think the entire contest was a scam because the winner was chosen at random and I put like, a lot of effort into my entry, but that's besides the point.

Here's the article on how to conduct social media contests ya girl was featured in.

Perhaps when the time is right I'll hold a social media contest of my own. Until then, I'm going to continue annoyingly reposting Jaclyn Hill's photos until I get me some new beauty blenders.