Skinny vs. Fit | You Don't Have To Be Tall To Be Skinny

I have a friend who thinks I'm skinny because I'm tall.

She's delusional. 🙈

As someone who tries to harmonize what she eats with the right fitness routine, this frustrates me greatly. I'm not skinny because I'm tall - I'm skinny because I work really hard to be.

It bothers that she thinks this way, completely neglecting any of the effort I put into my health. It makes me sad, too, because she says it with this kind of resentment. Like she'll never be "skinny" because she'll never be tall.

I'm not skinny - I'm fit. I'm fit because I work really hard to be.

I hate the word skinny, because it's something I thought that I needed to be pretty much all of middle and high school. It stems from a time I was made fun of for wearing a XXL jacket. To make a long and very boring, melodramatic story short, the tag was sticking out of my Limited Too jacket - clothes I probably shouldn't have been wearing in the first place, considering I needed an XXL to fit into them anymore. Three of my classmates obnoxiously whispered about it and made me feel really self-conscious. This was many moons ago when I was a supremely insecure middle-schooler, but it's something I'll always remember. Kids are straight up cruel, man, but more on that another day.

I choose to get up every day and go to the gym before work. I choose to have a protein shake for breakfast and a balanced lunch so that I can get a little crazy with dinner. Sometimes, I choose to do two-a-days if I feel like I've fallen off the wagon a little bit. I'm not a glutton for punishment - I just like the way a good workout makes me feel. What's more, I love seeing how my hard work pays off.

Anyone can do what I do. Anyone can work towards a goal and achieve whatever level of fitness they want to. I'm not some gifted human blessed with the grace of height. Being tall kinda sucks some times; like, for a while, I felt really insecure wearing heels. Also, I literally have to hang all of my pants so that they don't shrink and become capris. But for as many reasons being tall sucks, there are 3 things that make it worth it.

You don't have to be tall to be "skinny." You just have to be motivated.