My Favorite Editing Tools | Editing Tools For Writers

I'm a writer! I write all day at work about things I have to (bathroom renovations, split flap boards, and dental hygiene) but at night, I write about things that set my soul on fire.

My obsession with writing started when I was little. I would watch Harriet the Spy daily and fantasize about becoming a journalistic spy one day. The way Harriet chronicled everything inspired me to carry a marble notebook of my own, jotting down what my neighbor ate for breakfast to the times of day my mom would do the laundry. I would even draw the friendship tattoo on my foot. 😂

That movie, along with my personal knack for dramatic storytelling, ignited my passion for writing. I love how words can come together to tell a story, whether it's in a newspaper headline, a meme online, or a scene on the silver screen. I'm inspired by the way words can force people into action, whether they've motivated them to make a drastic life change or simply go out and buy something. Words are figments of our imagination that harness so much power, it's mind-boggling. Words are magic, and who doesn't love magic?

I have favorite words - I have favorite stories that words have formulated - I even have a favorite punctuation (it's the interrobang if you were wondering). All of these elements come together to fuel my frenzy for writing. There is one thing that I can't stand about writing. It's the dreaded M-word.


When I see a mistake in someone else's writing, it instantly discredits anything they're saying. I've seen it in blog posts, I've seen it in newspapers, I've even seen it in published books. Whether it's a spelling error, a missing word, or an incorrectly used word, I get the heebie-jeebies. It's even worse when I'm the culprit!

Writing is at the core of my job description, but for me, like many others, it's also a hobby. As such, I need a slew of editing tools at the ready to make sure I don't look stupid. These are some of my favorites.


Grammarly is a plug-in for Chrome that will check your spelling and grammar in online platforms like Wordpress and Gmail. It's super convenient for catching silly mistakes in emails and client CMS. When I'm writing something, I'll throw a post into an email template and use the Grammarly plugin to check for spelling errors, inconsistencies, and of course, grammar issues. It doesn't do a great job of checking for proper word usage (your vs. you're), so it's important that I always rely on myself to give my work a once-over.


Sometimes I'm unsure of the word I'm looking for. Other times I'm looking for a synonym to elevate my writing or fact-checking. Regardless, Google is one of my favorite writing tools because it's always at the tip of my fingers and it's the most user-friendly tool on the planet.

Another set of eyes. 

When you've looked at something over and over again for an extended period, you can miss simple mistakes like misused commas or most often in my case, incorrect word usage. It happens a lot with your/you're - I know that I meant to use "your" so when I'm reading over it and I see "you're," I don't think anything of it because in my head as I was writing, "your" came out. Another set of eyes are perfect for catching these and other minor mishaps. 

My big, beautiful brain.

When I write a post, I'll reread it as I'm working through it. This helps me 1) catch stupid mistakes and 2) regain my train of thought (or hop onto a completely new one). When I think I'm totally finished, I'll re-read two more times to be sure everything looks alright.

At the end of the day, despite the use of all of these tools, there's still room for error because, hey, pobodie's nerfect. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, especially in writing, but as a ~professional, I do my damnedest to avoid them at all costs.