Shaking Myself Out Of A Creative Funk | How To Quiet Self Doubt

Holy heck have I been in a creative rut. It's been more than a month since I've written anything creative for myself (aside from a thought-piece on the show You that I'll post here if it doesn't get published elsewhere) and it's driving me nuts.

A few things have contributed to my lack of inspiration, but I don't feel like getting into the details. Instead, I'd rather discuss the steps I'm taking to fix the problems I've been having as a creator. As the great Jon Taffer once said, "I don't embrace excuses. I embrace solutions."

I've been getting so mad at the universe lately for not presenting me with opportunities, which is an all-too-common occurrence according to my fellow creators. Deep down, I know that it's on me to take initiative and find the effort to create and that in return, the universe will meet me halfway and give me everything I need to feel successful. In an effort to push myself to do more creatively, these are some of the things I've been doing to deflate this stupid roadblock.

Journaling. There's something about putting pen to paper that really works for me. Maybe it's attributed to journals past - I can remember writing in a Hello Kitty journal every night when I was in fifth grade. The first half of it had purple pages, the latter half had blue. I was so determined to write every day so that I could reach the blue pages, but I feel like I stopped writing once I actually got to them. Now I'm writing in a colorful college ruled notebook that reads "No Pictures Please". I'm attempting to get at least three pages of free thinking down a day. Ask me how I'm doing with that this week...

Set a routine. If I write it down in my planner, I'm more likely to do it. That doesn't necessarily mean that I actually get around to doing it, but putting the action in my planner serves a dual purpose. It either reminds me to do something or serves as a form of guilt if and when I don't complete something. Eventually I won't have to put "Journal" or "Write 100 words of fiction" down in my planner; it'll become a habit. Until then, I'll scribble these to-dos down in the hopes they get done.

Listening to podcasts. I've been toying with the idea of starting a podcast (stay tuned - I'm working on a test recording this week). Considering that I love talking in general and most people find my sarcastic/erratic/dramatic tendencies entertaining, I think it might be the next logical step for me as a ~creator~.

Quieting doubt. Self-doubt has always been a problem for me. I take what other people think way too seriously, and I feel like I waste a lot of my time worrying about what other people are going to have to say. The thing is, though, none of that should matter. If you're vibing with what I'm doing, that should be enough.

Obviously I am a work in progress - we are all a work in progress. I have a lot of great ideas on deck and I want to see them come to fruition, whether other people like them or not.