An Ode To 'A Double Shot At Love' | MTV's Pauly Delvecchio & Vinny Guadagnino

Today is a sad day.

A Double Shot At Love has come to an end. What's a girl to do with her Thursday nights now? It's times like these I really miss Jersey Shore and all of those Thursday nights with a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs ready to go.

Good thing Family Reunion's coming back soon!

Anyway, Pauly and Vinny's chance of finding love is officially over. And what a finale it was. Picture it - me, standing in front of my television, clapping with joy as I shout "Suck 👏 on 👏 that 👏 sis!"

In honor of the show's conclusion, let us regale in all of the high-quality drama that came out of this incredibly weird dating situation.

Here's a list of the women who made this show possible, for reference.

Dating two dudes at once is weird. 

SallyAnn Salsano, reality television extraordinaire, did it again with the format of this show. Two of the most iconic guidos dating the same bunch of women living under one roof?

What could go wrong?

Absolutely everything. And I'm here for it.

Despite a lot of these women deciding who they were more interested in early on, Pauly and Vinny committed to dating all of them ~equally. As you can imagine, that didn't sit right with a lot of these women's spirits. But hey, that's what reality television is all about.

Christina was kind of a bitch.  

This girl literally thought she was God's gift to this green earth. It was a lot to handle, but her final meltdown was truly a work of art.

"I think I'm wasting my life here, actually. I have like a really short lifespan - it's only like 150 years."

I'm sorry, is she a sea turtle?

"Life goes by fast and I don't wanna spend it like wasting it."

Did she not realize what she was signing up for? I enjoyed watching this psycho, but my sanity is grateful that she left when she did.

Cate and Derryn got real drunk, real fast. 

I've always wondered what the alcohol budget was for these types of shows. It's a necessary component in the creation of great moments, like the first mixer the girls had. The drinks were flowing and we got to see who would fit into that Jersey Shore lifestyle and who wouldn't. 

Derryn was definitely the fun drunk ("I'm a vegetarian") while Cate hid in the bathroom and cried because she was too drunk. Way to make a good impression, sis. 

Cate's probably the real MVP though because these shows wouldn't be nearly as entertaining without the over-the-top drunkards.

Suzi had the most obnoxious laugh. 

This girl had such a high-pitched voice. It reminded me of the girl who used to do the morning announcements at my high school, in all of its squeaky glory.

Her laugh though? That was next level. Peep at 1:30 to see what I mean.

A lot of people probably assumed she was a dumbo, but she was a nurse! Suzi goes to show you really can't judge a book by its cover, as she wasn't just a pretty face. 

Mish got her ass handed to her. 

When Angelina made her visit to the house, I was a little shocked (mostly because she's hot and cold with the Jersey Shore crew). 

Then I remembered what divine reality television I was watching and her entrance in the ambulance made a lot more sense. 

I guess she was there to vet the girls and intimidate them in a way, but the only one she really had any kind of effect on was Mish. Poor girl. 

I don't think this woman would hurt a fly, but Angelina saw that Mish was the weakest link and she went at her

She literally said she felt like she had to stir shit up. 

If anything, Angelina should have gone for Nikki! She was the one that created whatever kind of issue there was, refusing the shot Angelina made. Mish was only defending Nikki when she said: "It's her personal belief."

While it was uncomfortable to watch (and the tears were a little unnecessary - never let 'em see you cry girlfriend), we love a cringe-worthy moment. 

Personally, I felt that Angelina was more annoyed at the fact that Nikki didn't drink, but she couldn't call her out for that because like, that's a problem for some people and she doesn't know these girls' past and it just wouldn't have been a good look overall. 


I felt bad for Mish! Some people aren't built to handle the sass that comes with the Staten Island Dump 😬

Holly went out with a bang. 

I loved Holly and wanted her so badly to calm the hell down so that she could win Pauly over. But alas, Nikki had him tight in her claws and he never really got the chance to make a connection with homegirl.

When Holly's cab was called, she let the boys know they had just made "the BIGGEST mistake of their lives." One of the most cliche lines of all time, but what did we expect from our fairy-tale loving girl?

I was really rooting for Holly! Deep down, I knew she was being over-the-top at times, so much so that I would yell at my television begging her to DIAL IT BACK, but she didn't and I respect her for it.

She put her heart on the line and showed her true, authentic self. And you really can't hate on that.

What the hell, Elle. 

Elle was cool and all but I didn't really appreciate her decision to play both sides of the field SO LATE in the game. There was no authenticity to what she was putting out there, ya know?

Derryn's disappointment. 

I was rooting for Derryn, but honestly, I would have rooted for whoever was pinned up against Nikki at the end. Clearly, Nikki was a huge source of drama for the show and probably a major reason people continued to tune in, so duh.

Despite not choosing anyone, I think Pauly should have given Derryn a chance.

Maybe he wasn't ready to be tied down, or maybe he didn't want to watch Nikki drown Derryn in the pool, which is more likely the case.

Alysse takes the cake. 

Vinny chose to give Alysse a shot at love and I was pretty happy about it. I think they vibed the best and she was one of the most genuine people on the show. She impressed Vinny's dog and more importantly, his mom, and I think they could work as a couple, at least for a little while. 

I still have yet to watch the reunion special, but I did see screenshots of Alysse crying so I'm not sure what's going on with their relationship, but I liked her. I think she and Vinny could make a good couple, but then again maybe the ~reality of the reality television life was too much for her to handle. 


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