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I know I'm very late to the game on this one, but I watched Rocketman last night and holy hell, it was a good movie.

Note: I don't think this post could contain spoilers, especially if you know anything about Elton John, but then again, here's your warning just in case.

As the daughter of a DJ, I pride myself on my music knowledge. I know a little bit about a lot of artists thanks to my dad - something that's really helpful when it comes to things like Quizzo or schooling someone as to what's playing on the radio. With that being said, I'm v. familiar with Elton John's music, but I had no idea about the personal struggles he faced with addiction.

Overall, I love these kinds of biopics that give you an inside look (however dramatized) at what artists like Elton John or Freddie Mercury went through in order to become who they were always supposed to be.

The part of Rocketman that sparked my whole ~celebration of the movie was a single scene that depicted self-love in the best/most beautiful/tear-jerking way.

First I should mention that the entire movie is a personal recollection of his life - from a young boy discovering he can play music back after hearing the notes only once to the drug-fueled billionaire success he came to be - told from the throws of many a group meeting.

As Elton's time in rehab comes to a close, he finally confronts all of the demons from his past that caused him to become who he was rehabilitating - a cocaine and alcohol-fueled sex addict with a short fuse and an out-of-control shopping habit. That included his parents, two people who had trouble putting someone else's needs before their own; his former manager/lover John Reid; his loving grandmother who doted upon him but never really stepped up to the plate when he needed her; and of course, his younger self.

"When are you going to hug me?" Reggie Dwight beckons to Elton John (a clap-back to earlier in the movie when BB Reggie asks his hard-headed father the same question).

Insert me, my heart ready to burst: "This is the most BEAUTIFUL portrayal of SELF-LOVE I have EVER seen!"

Elton hugs his younger self close in what is the embrace he needed to let go of all of the bad from his past and start anew, fresh and newly sober.

It's easy to lose yourself a bit, particularly when you haven't been treated the way you deserve to be. Healing is possible, though - if only we would chose to embrace the power of self-love a little more often. Rocketman was a stunning portrayal of that, and the epic legend that Elton John came to be, of course.


  1. Good morning Lauren,
    Interesting article about "Fixing your relationship with alcohol" on Yahoo today. (12/17/20) It doesn't sound like your drinking has reached the addiction level yet, but rarely does anyone talk about "fixing" it, if there's not a problem.
    If you do have a problem, using your "mind" to fix it, is futile. Nobody "thinks" their way to the grocery store, you have to move your feet. I sincerely wish you all the best! Mark