OrangeTheory Splat Points vs. Fitbit's Active Zone Minutes

This draft has literally been sitting in an open tab since May. This means I've been wondering about the difference between Splat Points and Active Zone minutes for longer than that. The curiosity came out of using a Fitbit and having a friend who goes to OrangeTheory classes. If I wore my Fitbit to OrangeTheory, would my Active Zone Minutes equate to their Splat Points? Here's what I've learned. 

My personal training experience 

When I was in high school, I worked at Curves. The franchised location I used to work at isn't open anymore, but the company itself still exists. At the time, I didn't realize how good of a job it was, but the things I learned about fitness while working at Curves still impact me today. 

There are no dumbbells or plate racks at Curves. In fact, there aren't any weights at all. Instead, Curves uses hydraulics machines to create resistance. This makes the women-only gym accessible to people of all abilities. 

Sure, Curves catered to middle-aged and older women, but the camaraderie at my location was unmatched. I made friends with so many of the members there. One would bring me DVDs of movies she insisted I see, like Fried Green Tomatoes

In order to work there, I had to complete a comprehensive training program (they called it an Onboarding Certification). Through online classes and in-gym workouts, I learned what muscles each of the machines worked, how to properly measure heart rate by hand, and the importance of warming up before a workout and cooling down afterward. 

Active Zone Minutes got me wondering...

As someone who wears a Fitbit, I'll get a notification randomly that says something to the effect of: "You're DOING IT! Get those ZONE minutes!" And whenever I get those notifications I think, "What the hell is a zone minute? Must be a good thing, right?" 

Then my mind wanders to other fitness trackers, programs, diets — the list goes on. But I have a friend who does OrangeTheory and talks about her "Splat Points," which seem similar to what Active Zone Minutes might be on the Fitbit. 

Anyway, I decided to finally do the research. Here's the difference between Fitbit's Active Zone Minutes and OrangeTheory's Splat Points. 

Fitbit's Active Zone Minutes 

If you've got a Fitbit Charge 4, Fitbit Inspire 2, Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Sense, or Fitbit Versa, you can track Active Zone minutes. These minutes are the times your heart rate is in the fat burn, cardio, or peak zones. According to Fitbit's website, any time you're in the cardio or peak zone, you earn two Active Zone Minutes based on your fitness ability.

OrangeTheory's Splat Points

Splat Points indicate the minutes spent in their "orange" and "red zones." According to their site, OT wants their members to aim for 12 Splat Points per workout to achieve optimal calorie-burning ability post-workout. For reference, the orange and red zones are your maximum heart rate. 

I've never done an OrangeTheory workout myself, but my friend likes the structure of the class and the way Splat Points are presented (it's up on a screen for everyone to see, making the workout more like a competition). I have a fairly solid grip on self-motivation, so whenever my Fitbit gives me a nudge it usually does the trick. 

What's the difference between Active Zone Minutes and Splat Points?

From where I'm sitting, there isn't a difference between Splat Points and Active Zone Minutes. Both represent the heart rate you want to be in for a designated period of time to achieve optimal results. In other words, both numbers represent a goal that's different for each individual — a heart rate that will benefit you even after you've stopped working out. 

I literally wrote this for myself but if it helped anyone else in any way, hooray! 

This is purely editorial - none of the information here is fitness advice for anyone reading. Consult with your doctor before starting any kind of workout program or diet.

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